Key Campaign Pillars

•     Connection with families to address the concern of truancy.

•     Finding programs, connections and options for families facing evictions as well as protecting the interests of landlords.

•    Court availability expansion during after-hours for those who are not able to come during regular hours.


-   Address realistically what is the cause of it and how can we as a community prevent it.

-   Possible mentorship programs to encourage the youth to stay active in their education.


-   Finding and creating partnerships with tenants for affordable housing and relocation options.

-   Work with landlords to create streamlined processes that allow their interests to be protected with an element of compassion.

Court Availability

-   Establishing certain days and after hours to accommodate individuals who work and to prevent court case backup and traffic.

-   Hearings that are not taking place in Mesquite need to be localized to make things easier on those needed in court.